Pet fitness

People lose weight, pets are overweight, and they also need to lose weight. Treadmills and swimming pools are not exclusive to humans. Nowadays, our fit pets also have their own “gym”; slides and single-plank bridges are not unique to children’s playgrounds, and pets also have their own playgrounds. Today’s pet fitness products are not only rich, but also more refined; there are many high-tech products. The rise of the pet fitness heat has also mobilized the owner’s sports enthusiasm, and it has become popular nowadays.

Fat cat slimming into “net red”

The rise of fitness in the pet industry

Eat more, exercise less, pets will become big fat. According to foreign media reports, pet obesity is becoming more and more serious. The British People’s Veterinary Pharmacy has established pet health clubs to help overweight fat cats and fat dogs to lose weight through proper diet and exercise.

In Dallas, USA, a tabby cat weighed 38 pounds successfully lost half of its body weight through weight loss and became a world-class “net red”. A few years ago, this pot-bellied tabby cat was abandoned by its owner in a residential area. Well-meaning people found it later sent it to the local pet shelter. To improve its health, the vet decided to develop a series of weight loss plans for it. In the first half of the year, he first controlled his diet, and after a certain period of time, he began to exercise.

The first is an indoor walk. Because it is too fat, it doesn’t move at all. The second is often to make cats do the “sit-ups”. The third step is to let the cat run into water and let the buoyancy subtract some of the weight. Better; the fourth is to distribute snack rewards on the treadmill all the way to encourage it to run. So just like that, 24 pounds, 20 pounds, 17 pounds… The tabby cat shed a whole one of its own, but also a new height.

This fun news has made many pet lovers realize that pets can lose weight, pets can exercise, and pets can be fun. Under such demand, some high-end pet shops have introduced pet fitness equipment, including treadmills and swimming pools.

At the International Pet Show, pet fitness products on display are also quite eye-catching. Not only are there a variety of products, but many interesting high-tech and Internet products have also emerged. For example, a company abroad has customized a smart wearable activity monitor for dogs. It can be worn around the dog’s neck as a collar, and can track all dog activities and daily exercise. Another example is a company that has developed an automatic pitching machine for dogs that are particularly energetic. It has more than 30 tennis balls that can be served by remote control, or it can be set to automatically serve every 7 seconds or 15 seconds.


Maybe some of these fitness methods are expensive, but in fact, as long as the owner is willing to spend time with it, a ball, a Frisbee, a bite circle, simple props can let the dog run away joyously, not to play too much Love it. The owner and the pet exercise together are the real popularity of the moment.


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