Algae for dogs?


A beautiful blue-green color, this freshwater alga is a real super food, rich in minerals (including iron), B vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants. It contains 60 to 70% of vegetable protein quality easily assimilated by the body. Its chlorophyll purifies the body of the dog , including fighting constipation, stimulating the regeneration of cells. Its powerful antioxidants fight toxins that prematurely age cells and weaken the immune system.

Spirulina for dogs strengthens resistance to viruses and bacteria and has a protective role against cancer. Beneficial to tired dogs, it also benefits sports dogs, which improves endurance and recovery. Spirulina promotes healing and embellishes the dresses of the animal. It must be produced under good conditions, especially in waters free of heavy metals. Privilege the provenances of California and Hawaii. Dosage : 1/4 teaspoonful for 13.5 kg live weight or 1 g / day for a 20 kg dog.


This hot water alga contains a little less protein than spirulina (still more than 50%!), But more chlorophyll and nucleic acid. Chlorophyll is interesting for its anti-inflammatory action which helps to fight the dog’s pains caused by rheumatism, genital or urinary lesions. It helps the body eliminate toxins and remineralize.  Dosage: 1 g / day for a dog of 20 kg.


You know, these blistering brown algae abandoned by the ebb of the ocean on the beach? They provide the precious iodine useful for thyroid function that influences the dog’s overall metabolism, hair and skin, which it enhances, pigmentation. Kelp contains protein, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium … and vitamins A, B, E and D. It also contains mannitol, a gentle purgative and biliary stimulant; and a little lecithin, important for the repair of fractured bones. Dosage : about 1 g / day for a dog of 20 kg.

Algae, a favorite food of Natural Rearing

These are green foods on concentrates. They contain chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that facilitate the assimilation of other nutrients (including that of fats). Natural iodine, the only one that the thyroid gland can appropriate, allows a better retention and use of calcium and phosphorus. It fights disease germs and stimulates red blood cells.

Algae are invigorating for the general development of a robust body and the construction of bones. Juliet Bairacli Levy advises the use during adolescence of young bitches (reproductive device) and during pregnancy. Their antioxidant properties give them a protective power vis-à-vis the damaged tissues. And, an advantage very appreciated by the amateurs of beautiful dogs, reviews

they reinforce the pigmentation of the eyes, the truffle and the nails, and regenerate the dull dresses .