German shepherd Akita Mix— Mix Breed Information


The Akita shepherd is a mix breed of Akita Inu and German shepherd and husky mix. They are famous for independent, loyal and protective dogs. They area large size and powerful dogs with broad shoulders and heavy muscles body. They have dark brown eyes with black nose and small head.This mix breed requires a lot of activities and exercises every day.You can take them out for a long walk. They like to jump and run. They are lovable and they need attention, love of their owners. They can serve you best in your family once they are trained and an adult.

  • Temperament of Akita Mix

They are obedient and loyal. They like to please their owners with little attention. Both Akita Inu and German shepherd breeds love to work and they are active likewise the Akita shepherd is a great working dog. This instinct they get from both parents. They can help their owner in every activity if they are well trained since their puppy age.

They are intelligent, brave and quite by nature. They are loyal enough to do anything for their owner. When it comes to securing the family, you cannot get any better guard than them because they are extremely protective. They sometimes become aggressive with strangers but it could be handled during their training sessions so that they can become welcoming.

  • Care for Akita Mix

If you are an owner of Akita shepherd and have an apartment so you need to be very careful. You should ensure the safety of your apartment. They love to play, jumping and running. Your balcony should be secure with doors or enough boundaries. These dogs are daring and enjoy challenges. They love to participate in activities which are happening in their surroundings. So it is very important to take care of them while they are out for a walk or playing whether the activities are home-based or outside the home like a park.

  • Training of Akita mix

This mix breed needs a very gentle handed trainer. You should have leadership qualities and strong hold on dogs. At the time of adoption a puppy, training should be started.First, they need to be trained how to socialize so that they can have the acceptance to meet people in their surroundings and how to be friends with other met pets. Socializing would be helpful to build their confidence.

The more they socialize the more manners they learn. To make them obedient make them learn to follow you while you walk or doing any activity so that your dog would be a good learner. A good training is necessary for your Akita shepherd to make it well behaved adult.

  • Diet Requirement

An appropriate diet is very important for a newly adopted puppy and it plays an essential role in your dog’s upbringing. A good diet will help to have a healthy Akita shepherd which leads to an active and joyful dog.  A food should be easily digestible and easy to chew. Avoid adding grain products in your Akita shepherd diet that can cause stomach infection.