Some Good Reasons for Adopting a Cat

Adopting any pet or cat has several benefits that come along. Perhaps you are not even aware of those benefits. Well, the major benefit is that you are saving a life when you adopt a pet from a shelter. Who knows you are getting home a loving companion who offers unconditional love. Most of the cats staying at the shelter have been abandoned or neglected by their previous owners. They are looking for a new owner and home.  Not all of them are lucky and very few find the chance to go to a new home.

Here are some of the benefits to keep in mind when you adopt a cat from a shelter.

  • Adopting a mature cat is lot less maintenance as the pet would be a lot less demanding as compared to a kitten. Cats are often independent, and you can safely keep them as a pet even if you are employed
  • Those cats from the shelter are often litter-box trained, and thus you might not have to give the basic training.
  • Adult cats are likely to be fully vaccinated, spayed and neutered.
  • There is no need to kitten-proof” your home as those cats are mature and get into less mischief.
  • The expenses of adopting a pet from a shelter is a lot less expensive than buying them from a pet store.
  • Even if you have another pet at home, it should not be a problem as these shelter cats are well adjusted to being around other animals.

These cats understand what it means to be home and are eager to please their owners. Most people report a very satisfying experience when they adopt a cat or any pet from a shelter. They find it emotionally and spiritually rewarding as they know they are giving a home to an unwanted pet. They are getting a second chance in life, to love and to be loved.  Get a lovable companion at much less cost, and you end up doing so much good for yourself and the pet in your life. Having a lovable pet in your life can lower stress in your life and improve your overall health. Surveys report that pet owners with close relationships with their dogs or cats are seen to have lower anxiety and depression. Children can learn early as to why it makes a difference when one adopts a pet from the shelter. Animals from shelters are often housetrained and ready to adjust to their new surroundings.

If everybody gets into the habit of adopting a pet from a shelter, it will discourage the growth of pet farms and breeding stores whose sole aim is to make money. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of animals waiting to be adopted from shelters. Log on to  to get more information.